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Family Home Evening: Spiritual Crocodiles


I stopped by Blue Skies Ahead recently and discovered this fabulous Family Home Evening lesson…


Family Home Evening Lesson - Spiritual Crocodiles by Blue Skies Ahead

…she gives you the link to President Packer’s talk on spiritual crocodiles, free printables, and lots of ideas!

Well, my husband and I did this for our last FHE and it was a hit…

The kids paid attention, asked lots of questions, and I think it was one of those “this is actually sinking in” family home evenings! Haha.

Free Family Home Evening Printable at Blue Skies Ahead


Spiritual Crocodile Family Home Evening Lesson

After the lesson, we taped this printable to the mirror so our family would remember to avoid spiritual crocodiles!


Visit Blue Skies Ahead for many other Family Home Evening ideas!

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