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Virtue Makes You Beautiful

I went shopping the other day for my 10 year old daughter and I have to say it was pretty tough finding a modest outfit. Part of it is that she’s tall and thin so many of the shirts came to her midriff. We went to a few stores and found long tank tops and modest tops. Being a mother of three daughters I really try to encourage modesty and self respect.

I tell my girls that modesty never goes out of style. My 10 year old likes fashion and trends and to her I say, “you can always find something that is trendy and modest”.

I absolutely love this quote…

beautiful virtue quote and video -

I also showed my daughters this fun video …and boy can Alex Boyle sing!!


  1. That is such a cute video! Thanks for sharing. I completely agree, you can be modest and trendy! If you are willing to work hard enough that is :)

  2. I have that same problem with tall girls. I go up in size for the length but then it's really too big. But I think modesty is so important. We don't even let our girls do two piece swimming suits. Thanks for a great reminder! !

  3. This video made me smile. Thanks!

  4. Cute printable, and the video is amazing - Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to show it to my daughter AND my son when they get home from school :)

  5. We just completed our Activity Day project using your wonderful free printable! We decoupaged frames with this as the centerpiece and they turned out really cute and helped us spread the message of virtue and modesty with our 8-9 year old girls. They loved it! Thanks so much for sharing.