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Reverence Chicks

When kids first move from nursery to sunbeams the transition can be quite challenging for some. 
Sitting still for long periods of time, especially after sitting through an hour of sacrament, can be really tough on a 3 year old. So today we’re showing you a fun way to help those little ones stay in their seats! 
They’re called "Reverence Chicks".

They are simple and easy to make and the little ones love them!

Just before primary starts (sharing time/song time) take the new sunbeams aside and show them their special eggs. Have them each pick one and explain that they have to sit on their eggs all through primary to keep them warm so that they will ‘hatch’ after primary. Then tell them they will get a special ‘reverence chick’ if they can keep their eggs warm and get them to hatch! Throughout primary keep reminding them to keep their eggs warm. If they get wiggly or start jumping out of their seats just remind them about their eggs.

Our little sunbeams LOVED this, and it was the first Sunday we had where they were all staying in their seats a majority of the time. It was so fun to watch them learning to stay seated and getting so excited to get a reverence chick afterwards. We continued to do this for about a month until the children really learned to stay in their seats. (After a couple of weeks we started giving them other things if they didn’t want a chick again, like stickers, plastic rings, an M&M, etc.)
We hope this idea helps you with your wiggly primary children! 

Here’s how to make them…
  • construction paper
  • laminating machine (optional)
  • pom poms
  • orange foam sheets
  • googly eyes
  • glue gun/glue
  1. First you cut out some paper in the shape of an egg.
  2. Laminate the eggs (this is optional but makes them last much longer).
  3. Cut out the feet and beak out of the foam sheets.
  4. Glue the pom poms to make chicks and add the beaks, feet, and googly eyes.

So fun and simple.
Do you have any reverence ideas for primary? Please leave a comment and share with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Thank you for this super-cool share. Our littleees will enjoy this. I will attach
    the chicks to the underside of the seat in a little cellophane bag so they can enjoy
    "the hatch." Your brilliant, thank you. Scena