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Young Women Theme Printables

My mom just got put in the Young Women's Presidency in her ward and asked me to print her a 20" x 30" poster of the 2016 Mutual Theme: 2 Nephi 31:20.  I was more than happy to help her out, then she said, "Great!  I will send you over a cute printable I bought."  To which I responded, "You know Kari and I actually create printables for our blog followers?" Not wanting to burden me with making her a special design from scratch, she was perfectly content with me just printing off the one she found.  I didn't even open the emailed pictured; instead, I went about creating my own 2016 Mutual Theme Scripture.  I then had it printed poster-size at SAMs Club for $10.  

The next morning before taking the kids to school (and getting ready to attend the temple), I had my son snap a picture of the end result.  Then, thanks to modern digital technology, I sent her the picture.  She LOVED it. I'm was pretty fond of the final outcome too!

She loved it so much that she asked if I wouldn't mind making the Young Women's Theme to match.  Her intent is to put one poster on either side of the chalkboard where the youth meet.
So, because I don't say no to my mom, I made a matching Young Women's Theme and printed it the exact same size as the other poster: 20" x 30".  I love how these posters turned out.  Most the time I am fearful to get an order back from the printer; I always wonder if the end result will match the one I created in my head.  SAMs Club did not disappoint.

 We also printed them 4 x 6 so the girls could put them in their scriptures. Seriously, you guys, I was so thrilled with how everything turned out that I almost wished I had a YW calling. ;) I am so excited to share these free printables with you.  To download the files simply click on the links below.
2016 Mutual Theme: 2 Nephi 31:20
Young Womens Theme

Post by - Becky Vandenberg


  1. Becky, you are just the cutest thing! Thanks for posting this. I'm sending it on to the YW leaders in our ward. - Julie Cawley Hanson

  2. I work with your mom in YW. It looks so great on our bulletin board!!! Thanks for creating it!

  3. Thank you so so so much for sharing these - I've been a Beehive Advisor for the last 6 years and our ward boundaries just got changed, so I've got girls graduating and leaving all over the place! I really wanted to give them something special as a goodbye gift, but I have zero budget. But when I came across your cute pages on Pinterest, I decided that printing a little coloring book/journal thing for them would be just perfect. I can't thank you enough.