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50 LDS Activity Day Ideas

Are you looking for some exciting and enriching activities for your Activity Days group? Here's a variety of activities that include sports, crafting, learning, goals, and more! I've compiled a list of activities that have been successful in the past and hope they spark ideas and inspire. 

Make sure to ask the children what their interests are and customize the activities to the needs in your class!

Let's dive into this list of over 50 activities and suggestions! 

1. Go on a photo scavenger hunt -- have a theme that goes along with the season
2. Make Article of Faith Memorization charts, HERE
3. Play favorite board games together 
4. Have a picnic where they invite a family member (grandparents, sibling, etc.)
5. Make thank you cards for essential workers
6. Outdoor games (croquet, water balloon volleyball, corn hole)
7. Exercise (yoga, weights, etc.)
8. Decorate mini cakes
9. Go on a hike
10. Deliver cookies as a service project
11. Learn how to cross stitch - here is a CTR shield free pattern that's fun
12. Music Activity. Talk about the importance of wholesome music.
13. Mother/Daughter or Mother/Son Activity 
14. Daddy/Daughter or Father/Son Breakfast
15. Backyard water party
16. Indoor sports at the church gymnasium
17. Make bath salts, lip scrub, or craft – gifts for Mother’s Day
18.  Deliver flowers to people in the ward/neighborhood who need extra attention!
19. Embellish small tote bags for scriptures
20. Play and learn how to play pickleball
21. Learn about manners and have a tea {lemonade} party
22. Organize a food drive for a local food bank
23. Have a "show and tell" activity
24. Go caroling and deliver cookies
25. Make Thankful trees
26. Lesson on freedom and make red/white/blue cupcakes
27. Go for a bike ride
28. Go to the visitors center at the temple
29. Learn to bake bread and donate it for sacrament meeting
30. Clean up garbage around the neighborhood curbs, sidewalks, etc.
31. Have a swimming party
32. Visit a family history center or have a family history night (you might want to include the ward family historian)
33. Make homemade ice cream in a bag
34. Create pedigree family trees -- HERE is a printable!
35. Make gratitude journals
36. Favorite Things Party -- great for getting to know each other!
37. Create a freezer meal for a new mother
38.  Make a time capsule to open in 5 years
39.  Start the new year with an “all about goals” activity. Printable HERE!
40. Talk about the importance of following the prophet, and make a frame with a photo of the prophet to put in their rooms.
41. Make a miniature wooden nativity set with peg dolls and fabric scraps
42. Sing songs and visit with the elderly at an assisted living place
43. Go mini-golfing
44. Gingerbread house decorating
45. Learn to paint/watercolor
46. Take a tour of the fire or police station
47.  Make friendship bracelets and encourage the kids to give them to someone who needs a friend or a new friend!
48. Clean the nursery closet and toys
49. Make a primary poster or props for the primary chorister
50.  Go to a local play or museum
51. Make mini pies
52. Participate in a local library event
53.  Make a small care package for a missionary/missionaries in the ward
54. Take a trip to an animal farm or zoo
55. Create or play a church-themed trivia game

Do you have any activities that the children loved that isn't mentioned here? Please share in the comments below. We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts!

POST BY: Kari Sweeten


  1. Kari I'm so excited for this site! I'm following along for sure!

  2. Thanks so much for the cross stitch pattern. I think the girls will love learning how to cross stitch!

    1. You're very welcome. I hope the girls enjoy them!

  3. I am so excited to have found your site! Thank you for being so willing to share so freely of your talents. I am so excited to teach my girls to cross stitch! I loved cross stitching as a little girl when my grandmother taught me. Like you, I feel it is a lost art. I hope my girls love it as much as I do. Thanks for the cute, FREE patterns!

  4. Hi Kari! I have been asked to do a little watercolor project for a Stake Girls' camp this summer and wondered if I could have permission to use the little floral wreath on this site (or a close approximation of it) for a little art project. I thought it looked simple enough to have the girls try to paint it. Would we need to pay you for the rights to use it?

  5. Good brainstorming list! We've done a lot of these!

    Feedback on #4. There's a strong, welcome move away from objectification of women and girls. Suggesting that the point even of modest dress is to be "hotter" (focused on their value in boys' eyes based on how they look) is not the message the girls need.