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DIY Mormonad Activity

Do you remember all of those Mormonads that were especially popular in the 80's and 90's? I don't think I'll ever get the gossip one with the tar out of my head when I hear gossiping. It definitely left a lasting impression for me as a young woman. Oh, here it is along with a couple more impressionable ones...

Young Women LDS Activity creating Mormonads -

This creative Young Women activity comes from the Douglas 2nd Ward in Tifton, Georgia! They're so kind to let me share this with you.


Young Women LDS Activity creating Mormonads -

They encouraged the girls to bring things from home that would tell about them. So the "props" are the girls' personal items...

General Conference Mini Books (free download)


I decided to make little mini General Conference books for the Primary children in our ward. I'm looking forward to hearing the uplifting counsel this weekend and through experience, my own children listen much better when they have something to color, notes to fill in, little games, etc. 

LDS General Conference activity books - 2018 version!

I decided to make two separate versions for our Primary for the younger children, and one for the older children. Now the ages listed are just guidelines - your child may want the older version, younger version, or both!

LDS Young Women Values Coloring Pages

LDS Young Women Values Coloring Pages -

I've had requests for a couple of years to design some coloring pages for the Young Women and I finally got to it! I think I was motivated because I currently serve as a Miamaid advisor for the young women in our ward and I love those girls to pieces. I love reciting the beautiful Young Women theme each week including these 8 important values:

The past couple of months I've been drawing a page at a time and I'm so excited to show you these simple designs available for free download!

Easter General Conference Activity Pages

General Conference rarely falls on the same day as Easter and when it does I think it's extra special. I wanted some Easter-themed conference activity pages for my kids and decided to create some fun pages for all ages!
Wondering what LDS General Conference is? Learn all about it HERE.
Easter LDS General Conference - free printables -
You'll find coloring pages, listening activities, speaker notes and more to help pay attention during the conference sessions -- while finding a splash of Easter mixed in!

The Virtual Missionary

This is my first book review I've posted on this blog. 

This is NOT sponsored. I just read it, loved it, and wanted to share my thoughts about it.

The Virtual Missionary - book review by Kari Sweeten

The Virtual Missionary by Greg Trimble

I've heard of a guy named Greg Trimble while scrolling through my Facebook feed once in a while and was impressed with the topics he was sharing about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I usually get leary about articles about the church that are not officially on a church website or page because there is so much negativity out there that makes me cringe. The reason I usually stopped scrolling when I saw anything from Greg Trimble is because he was sharing great stuff! He was sharing truths, scriptures, and it was so refreshing to follow someone that was such an advocate about sharing the gospel online.

Let me tell you why The Virtual Missionary resonated with me and opened my eyes a bit.