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Light the World with Love

Light the World with Love 2021

I'm excited to help launch the Light the World with Love campaign! This year you will find a kid-friendly service calendar with a coordinating color-by-number for each day of service -- or it can be used as a Nativity coloring page.

I love the simplicity of this set! Here are a couple of service examples...

- Jesus gave to others. Give a smile, a treat, one of your toys, or a service to someone.

- How has a wise man or woman blessed you? Thank them for their help.

Light the World with Love Coloring Calendar

Hang the coloring calendar on your fridge or somewhere all the kids can see it. 

Light the World Kid Service Calendar Christmas

Download the free coloring calendar here...

Light the World Service Calendar Christmas

In my household, we have teenagers and adults so I grabbed some tape and placed the service calendar on my refrigerator for all of us to see. We also tape all of the Christmas cards we receive next to it!

Each day in December we try to do one of these service projects together or individually. Sometimes we will switch the days up or add our own service idea. Serving together brings our family closer together.

Light the World With Love Free Downloads

Also find free printable pass-a-long cards and digital versions for social media! These are great tools to share the Christmas film "The Christ Child" and other inspirational ideas to celebrate the holidays.

Light the World Digital Pass Along Downloads

The service calendar begins Tuesday, November 30th so get your downloads and printables ready!

Do you have a fun way you like to serve during the holidays? Did someone do something kind for you during the holidays? Please share in the comments below.

Post by: Kari Sweeten

General Conference Mini Books (free download)


I decided to make little mini General Conference books for the Primary children in our ward. I'm looking forward to hearing the uplifting counsel this weekend and I don't know about you, but my own children listen better when they have something to color, words to listen for, little games, etc.

Mini LDS General Conference Books (free downloads)

Customize your own book! We also have many different coloring pages on Latterday Lane, too!

I decided to make two separate versions for our Primary for the younger children, and one for the older children. The ages listed are just guidelines -- your child may want the older version, younger version, or both!

13 Articles of Faith Coloring Pages

I've been working on this fun project for a couple of months and I finally have all twelve Articles of Faith available in coloring pages!

What are the Articles of Faith? They are 13 basic beliefs that we believe in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Get more info about them on

I've been wanting to create Articles of Faith coloring pages for over a year and I'm so excited that I finally accomplished these. One of my favorite things is when readers like yourselves email me pictures or tag me in pictures where your amazing children are using my coloring pages. I was recently released as the Primary president in our ward after 3 1/2 years and young children have and will always have such a special place in my heart.

Easter General Conference Activity Pages

General Conference rarely falls on the same day as Easter and when it does I think it's extra special. I wanted some Easter-themed conference activity pages for my kids and decided to create some fun pages for all ages!
Wondering what LDS General Conference is? Learn all about it HERE.
Easter LDS General Conference - free printables -
You'll find coloring pages, listening activities, speaker notes and more to help pay attention during the conference sessions -- while finding a splash of Easter mixed in!

20 DIY Ornaments about Jesus Christ

20 Christ-Centered Ornaments with Tutorials
I've been looking around for ornaments lately and there are so many beautiful Christmas ornaments out there with tutorials on how to make them.
Today I'd like to focus on sharing Christ-centered ornaments with you. These talented bloggers show you how to make gorgeous ornaments that share the message of our Savior Jesus Christ.