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It feels like it's been ages since I created a new post for Latterday Lane. 
I'm in a designing mood lately and I love the Youth Theme for 2023 because it is one of my very favorite scriptures!

I say these words often when I'm feeling discouraged or doubting myself. They are so inspiring to me because I feel more confident and motivated to try and endure difficult things when I feel Christ with me.

I created a couple of different scripture coloring pages with coordinating pages. These are great for youth activity ice breakers, sacrament meetings, or even for coloring and framing as decor!

 All Things Through Christ coloring page - Latter Day Lane
I like to print my coloring pages on white cardstock (but any white paper will work). Click the following for the free download.


I Can Do All Things Through Christ scripture coloring page - - free printables


My designs are for personal use only. This also means that you can use them for all of your church-related activities as well!

Watch for more scripture coloring pages and other printables coming this month!

POST BY: Kari Sweeten

20 DIY Ornaments about Jesus Christ

20 Christ-Centered Ornaments with Tutorials
I've been looking around for ornaments lately and there are so many beautiful Christmas ornaments out there with tutorials on how to make them.
Today I'd like to focus on sharing Christ-centered ornaments with you. These talented bloggers show you how to make gorgeous ornaments that share the message of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Free Cross Stitch Pattern - CTR Shield

I was looking for a cross stitch pattern for this year's 2017 Primary Theme - "Choose the Right" and didn't find anything I really liked.

I decided to design my own and wanted to share it with any of you cross-stitch fans out there! 
My daughters love stitching and they are trying this one next!

Pick any color you want and frame it, put it on a pillow, or display it in an embroidery hoop!

(Personal Use Only)

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Designed by: Kari Sweeten

Easter General Conference Activity Pages

General Conference is close to the Easter holiday every Spring and sometimes it falls on the same day as Easter. I wanted some Easter-themed conference activity pages for my kids and decided to create some fun pages for all ages!
Wondering what LDS General Conference is? Learn all about it HERE.
Easter LDS General Conference - free printables -
You'll find coloring pages, listening activities, speaker notes and more to help pay attention during the conference sessions -- while finding a splash of Easter mixed in!

General Conference Mini Books (free download)


I decided to make little mini General Conference books for the Primary children in our ward. I'm looking forward to hearing the uplifting counsel this weekend and I don't know about you, but my own children listen better when they have something to color, words to listen for, little games, etc.

Mini LDS General Conference Books (free downloads)

Customize your own book! We also have many different coloring pages on Latterday Lane, too!

I decided to make two separate versions for our Primary for the younger children, and one for the older children. The ages listed are just guidelines -- your child may want the older version, younger version, or both!

Printables - Goals, Bucket List, and Letter to Self

At the beginning of each new year, many of us are inspired to set new goals and reflect on the past year. We might feel the urge to write them down and reflect on them throughout the year. 

I created this free printable set because of a youth activity we are having tonight and want to make them available to all of you as well.


You'll find a goal sheet that coordinates with the Children and Youth program. This is available for the youth who decide to set goals in the following four areas: spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social - and adults of course, too! I printed one for myself!


I thought it would be fun to include a general bucket list for those who want to fill up their list with random goals.  It could be used as a book list, vacation list, service list, or whatever one wants to make a list of!


The girls in our youth group wanted to write a letter to themselves and open it at a future date. I'll include an envelope for each girl, this printable, and they can write on the envelope when they want to open it -- could be 1, 5, or 10+ years!

Free printable goal sheets -

Click below to download each printable...




Post by: Kari Sweeten