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Free Printable - General Conference Doodle Book

I love General Conference!  I sit with my paper and pretty pens and draw and doodle anything that comes into my mind.  Sometimes what I write has nothing to do with the conference address I am hearing, but everything to do with what the Lord wants me to know.

My children love the little Conference books provided by the Primary Presidency; they color the ties and do the word search.  However, my teenage son is expected to write what the spirit teaches him and to listen to the speakers.  So I created this booklet for him (and me) and thought I would share it with you.

Feel free to print it out and create your own Conference Message book for your tweens and teens...and yourself.

Download and Print here:
Inside Text Message Pages 

1.  Print one cover page.
2.  Print 7 Inside pages. Flip the print pages over, put them in the printer right side up and print 7 more...or print front and back if your printer allows it.
3.  Put the booklet together and sew down the middle.
4.  Grab some colorful pens, pencils, crayons, etc. and let the holy spirit guide!



  1. Hey Becky -- Love this!!! but the link for the Text Bubble page is not linked properly, it just goes to the cover page instead. Would love to use this for Conference this weekend!! :)

    1. Oh shoot. Thank you for letting me know! I will fix it right now!

  2. I'm still having the same problem. Thanks!

    1. Okay, try it one more time and let me know if the problem is working for me now.

  3. Thank you for these!!! My girls are LOVING them! This is the most excited they have been about a new format for taking Conference notes in a LONG time (like since they were little and I made cutsie drawing notes and stuff for them). Thank you!

  4. Love it. I go to several conferences/workshop during the year. I bring small coloring books + markers.
    But a book that lets me doodle is great
    Thank you for sharing.