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Primary Singing Time Ideas ( Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints )

I absolutely love primary choristers! I have to admit though, singing is not one of my strengths and so I truly admire those who can get up each week and teach the children the wonderful primary songs. I'm now in my thirties and I still remember learning those powerful primary songs that have stuck in my head throughout the years!

LDS Primary Singing Time Ideas at

Well, thanks to amazing primary choristers and DIY-ers, today you'll find many fun activities and LDS Primary singing time ideas!

Some are a piece of cake and only require one item, while others take a bit more time but can be used over and over again!
LDS Primary Singing Time Ideas at
Spinning Wheel Tutorial by Doodle Craft
Lip Sync Activity by Camille's Primary Ideas
DIY Ring Toss Board by Lowe's

LDS Primary Singing Time Ideas at
Finish the Sentence Activity by Primary Impressions
Music Apron with Pockets by Crafty Sisters
DIY Punch Box by A Casarella
Pass the Parcel by The Barefoot Chorister

LDS Primary Singing Time Ideas at
Balloon Rocket Singing Time by Little LDS Ideas 
Song the Snake by My Mix of Six
Singing Cube Box Idea by My Mix of Six
Headbandz for Sharing Time by Oh What Do You Do for Singing Time

LDS Primary Singing Time Ideas at

Bubble Billy by Marci Coombs
Pumpkin Face Song Game by Primary Singing Ideas

Do you have a primary chorister idea you would like to share? Please contact us or share below in the comments!

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