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50 Ministering Sister Ideas

 I absolutely love the ministering program in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have met some of my greatest friends through this service. 

I think the best way to provide ministering service is to get to know the sisters you are serving first! 

Find out their interests and needs, and ask them how they would like to be served.  Some of the women I have ministered to like to have an appointment scheduled while others like a quick drop-in. 

Here's a list of 50+ ideas to get the creativity flowing. 

My hope is that ideas will pop out to you as you read this list and you'll be inspired to personalize these toward the needs of your sisters! 

1. "Getting to Know You" worksheet or game (free download here)
2. Bring her favorite candy bar
3. Give/make her a Christmas ornament
4. Send a postcard while you're out of town
5. Invite her to come along on a walk
6.  Give her cozy socks or a notebook for General Conference weekend
7. Drop off her favorite drink
8. Host a game night and invite her or her and the family
9. Small gift: Candle with her favorite scent
10.  Make a personalized gift (frame a favorite scripture, hymn, etc.)
11. Provide a needed service (weeds, cleaning, etc.)
12.  Attend the temple together
13. Have a new sister? Invite her to picnic at the park to meet other neighborhood ladies!
14. Go on a hike together
15. Offer to pick up groceries or run her errands
16. Send a note of encouragement (new job, interview, etc.)
17.  Give her a seasonal hand towel for her kitchen (Easter, 4th of July, etc.)
18. Invite her to a local play or movie
19.  Take her dog on a walk or give her a little something for her pet
20. Small gift: favorite book 
21. Read books to her young children
22. Take her some veggies or fruit from your garden/yard
23. Text her a funny quote or meme that will make her laugh
24. Remember her birthday with a card/small gift
25.  Take her to lunch
26. Tell her why you are "thankful" for her around Thanksgiving
27. Mail a "thinking of you" card
28. Give or make her a loaf of bread
29. Attend an event (support her or her family in a sport, play, etc.)
30. Small gift: plant or flower
31. Bring her children coloring books and crayons
32. Invite her to a Relief Society or church activity
33. 12 Days of Christmas
34. Ask her to teach you something (craft, food, skill, etc.)
35. Send a kind text 
36. Share a favorite General Conference talk
37. Offer to babysit
38. Take a class together (painting, photography, cooking, etc.)
39. Bake her some of your favorite cookies
40. Small gift: Christmas candle or treat
41. Bring her family dinner (especially if there is a need)
42. Make her some resurrection rolls for Easter
43. Randomly call her to see how she is doing
44. Ask her to share some highlights from her recent vacation
45. Small gift: journal
46. Compile the talks of the current prophet and bind them into a book (this is one of the best gifts I've received from a ministering sister)
47. Send a Congratulations note to support her accomplishment
48. Go on a picnic (this is also fun if she has young kids)
49. Special delivery: icecream
50. Small gift: lotion or bubble bath
51. Text a favorite scripture that touched your heart
52.  Genuinely ask her to let you know what she could use help with 

The most important part about ministering is showing genuine care and love for those sisters you are serving. Pray for them and support them in ways that feel meaningful.

Want a list you can print out? Here you go!

50 Ministering Ideas -

Do you have a ministering idea or experience to share? Comment below!

POST BY: Kari Sweeten

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