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Scripture Coloring Page: I Will Go

One thing I'm trying to create more of on LDS Lane is coloring pages with scriptures. I think these are great reverence tools for sacrament meeting and are also great additions to lessons in primary. 
Many of you have mentioned that you use my coloring pages on the covers of sacrament meeting programs and I absolutely love that idea!
These are actually great for any age!

To download this "I Will Go" printable coloring page CLICK HERE.

Also, if you have a verse in the Book of Mormon that you would like to see put into a coloring page please comment below. I LOVE suggestions!

POST BY: Kari Sweeten


  1. I'm going to use this with my seminary class. Thanks for posting!

    1. You're very welcome Bethany! I love to color while I'm listening, too!

  2. My seminary kids love to color while listening. I would LOVE coloring pages for all of the Doctrinal Mastery scriptures. <3 This is perfect! Thank you so much.