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Christmas Ornament Tutorial

Picture of Christ Ornament Tutorial at Latter Day Lane

"Christ" is the beginning of Christmas (and the reason), it makes such a great, simple gift for your neighbors or ministering sisters to put on their tree.

You only need a few items...


  • clear plastic ornament
  • gold ribbon or raffia
  • Savior image printed out on white cardstock (click here at
  • pencil or thin stick
  1. Print out the image of the Savior. I just right-clicked, saved image to my computer and printed a small size (about an inch shorter than width of ornament).
  2. Place about 5-6 inches of ribbon or raffia and place inside of the plastic ornament (you can buy these at your local craft store for about $1 in many different sizes.
  3. Roll the picture up and place inside the ornament.
  4. Open it and place it where you'd like it using a pencil or small stick.
  5. Tie a ribbon for hanging ornament and you're finished!
Picture of Christ Ornament Tutorial at Latter Day Lane

Makes a sweet little gift to remind others of our Savior's birth this holiday season.

Picture of Christ Ornament Tutorial at Latter Day Lane

POST BY: Kari Sweeten


  1. Hi! Can you tell me the diameter of these ornaments? And how to you print a small size of the photo? Do you mean wallet size? Just want to make sure I plan this right. Thanks!

    1. Yes! Try wallet size or close to it depending on your printer.

  2. And where can you get that kind of ribbon? I have been looking all over. Thank you!

    1. I actually dont remember where I got that ribbon. You could use any ribbon, jute or twine from the craft store and it would look great!